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      2. Welcome to Nantong Huideseng Packaging Material Co.,Ltd.!
        Location:Home > Products

        SP Laminated Film


        • Address: NO.1680, Wujia Industrial Park, Tongzhou District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China
        • Tel: 86-513-86294366
        • Fax: 86-513-86294769
        • Email: sales@huideseng.com

        Product details

        We can provide different film structures, including PET (or BOPP) /AL (or VMPET) /PE (or CPP) composite, suitable for daily chemical, medical and beverage industries.

        The pharmaceutical industry is developing continuously,due to the needs of barrier performance,production efficiency,environmental protection and market promotion,people also asked for new needs to laminated film.         
        The result is many new packing structures come out.Huideseng packaging follow the market, develop various kinds of new packaging actively, to create the most suitable new material for your needs.